Annála Tigernach


....The rest of St Cianán of Duleek. It is to him that Patrick gave his gospels.


....The battle of Cellosnad in Mag Fea, wherein fell Aongus son of Nadfraech and his wife, and Ethne the Horrible, daughter of Cremthann son of Éanna Cennselach.

The victors were Illann son of Dungal and his brother Ailill, and Eochaidh the Wounder, and Muircheartach, son Erc, king of Ailech. Hence it was said:

  1. The branch of a great bushy tree died
    praisworthy Aongus, son of Nadfraech,
    He was left by Illann of the graces
    in the battle at sloping Cellosnad.

  2. Illann and Muircheartach,
    Ailill and strong, wilful Eochaidh
    the battle of Cellosnad
    with praiseworthy Aongus of Munster.


....The death of Muireadhach Redneck and his Eochaidh took the kingship of Ulaid.